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Article Submission As SEO Strategy,Single Most Powerful SEO Tool

In this article I will outline some key reasons why I believe articles are the single most powerful SEO tool. Article marketing is effective when you create fresh and unique content, especially when your content is eye catching and easy to understand.

If your article submissions provide quality content that will benefit others and prove to be useful, people will notice and link to that content, helping to drive traffic to it and will also increase the value of your links within.

There are many tools and strategies that you can use to improve your ranking on search engines and drive traffic to your website. But few, if any SEO techniques compare to writing content rich articles with backlinks to your pages and then guest posting (submitting) those expert articles to other sites for enhancement of their content.
Article Submission As SEO Strategy,Single Most Powerful SEO Tool

You can point out the best styles and most popular ideas with regard to your specific product or topic in your article. This is known as “article marketing“.

In my opinion among all the various individual search engine optimization SEO strategies, writing and submitting articles continues to be the best single activity you can engage in for building keyword rank as part of a more complete strategy.

There is a vast sea of blogs out there willing to accept your article submission.

When Writing Articles For Submission

Use simple words and sentences. Using simple sentences does not only make your job as a writer easier but it makes your post more understandable by your readers.

There just simply is no need of including panoplies of multi-syllabic words and exemplary examples if you cannot convey the intricacies of your thoughts into basic meaningful ideas that everyone can comprehend.

The most effective articles or “content” stay focused on the subject at hand. You need to research and assemble information in areas that you have less knowledge.

This is important because the reader wants the most current information on the subject you are writing about. Comparing and contrasting a topic is great. Readers want to make a choice of music, loans, movies or shirts for example.

If you are already an expert in the topic its important to back up your facts. This is where article research is beneficial to you.

You need to analyze the problem and offer complete and factual solutions. Make sure to give the pros and cons if answering a difficult question.

 Article writing is powerful in SEO because it allows you to use many keywords and phrases that apply to your niche.

If you know all your essential keywords, you can use them in your articles. The articles you distribute that have your keywords will get picked up by search engines such that when people surfing the internet type in these keywords, your website comes up.

You can rank high on search engines for all your keywords through the articles that you write and distribute on the internet. Well placed graphics can improve website content in a number of ways.

Images are more enticing than text upon first glance, so they can help attract and retain readers. They also help you clarify your message with visual reinforcement.
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