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Auto Guest Post Article Submission Vs. Manual Submission To Appease Google

Auto article submission refers to the use of computer software to automate the partial or complete task of article submission by effortlessly posting content on one, several hundred or even thousands of blogs; also known as Auto Blogging.

The majority of blogs do not use Captcha filters and merely rely on permission based user registrations to enable guest post blogging participation and making user based social comments.

Some blog platforms such as WordPress have built-in remote publishing capability when switched-on.

Auto Guest Post Article Submission Vs. Manual Submission To Appease Google
Capitalizing on this functionality ambitious inventive types have formed a variety of subscription based article submission and linking services whereby members can automatically guest post and gain backlinks from colossal networks.

The largest I know of is comprised of blogs / sites numbering into the 100,000 plus range.

There are striking differences in functionality, participation options and linking strategies between these services.

If you so choose to engage in one or several of these automated networking services you must very carefully evaluate and compare features, benefits and risk that may jeopardize your purpose and reasons of why you want to subscribe to such service.

Yes, there are not so subtle risks involved for participation in automated guest blogging networking services. Although the benefits appear to be self evident the risks on the other hand, which will soon be elaborated below, may be considerably less apparent to many.

Upon simple setup of your account these member based article submission services can automatically drip feed your article marketing and/or links out to thousands of blogs by just clicking a single button.

The big risk is that you might only gain temporary improvement in Google search rankings.

If the network your site is participating in is flagged and deindexed by Google because of “unnatural activity” your site is at risk for loosing rank position or worse yet, being deindexed by Google as penalty.

When it comes to automated blogging and entrepreneurial spirits making use of technology, Google has a double standard of “do as I say and not as I do”.

Google proclaims auto-blogging and auto-link-building to be unnatural activity.

But is it really?

Is it not human nature to be inventive, create and use tools, tools of automation?

Google automates nearly everything it does! Perhaps the evolving Internet and blogosphere will evolve to a point where it will in-turn punish Google for it’s manipulative dictatorial double standard.

Still There Is An Upside To Auto Blogging Services!

In my opinion this upside is grossly overlooked by many blog reviewers, the bloggers themselves and you guessed it, the network services themselves.

In fact, it threatens Google to the very core in a coup sort of way.

Let us assume that Google has deindexed the network you are participating in.

Based on personal experience I can say… Yahoo, Bing and other non Google based search engines do not as of yet penalize these blog networks nor the sites that participate in them.

Your improved ranking if any with Bing, Yahoo and most others will likely remain intact just as mine did. This my friends has the potential to be HUGE in terms of gaining an important slice of traffic as it turned out for me.

When your keywords are up against some tough long-term well entrenched competition and your chances of attaining a pagerank that will deliver meaningful traffic are slim, getting a small slice of some very rich pie is sooooo… much better than no slice at all.

Depending on your product, the keywords you are chasing and their monthly search volume, that smaller slice of traffic just might be worth enough money to compensate for any threat or perceived risk.

A Backdoor To Gaining Organic Search Traffic

What if there was something akin to what you might call a “backdoor” approach to getting your share of organic SEO traffic by using automated guest blogging services.

Well there is one!

Some brave bloggers with balls of brass and bras of steel just might risk being deindexed by Google intentionally in favor of climbing to the top of Bing, Yahoo and other search engine results.

Moving to the fist page of search results for your keywords, whether it be Google or Bing, is the difference between little or no organic traffic and gaining a valuable steady share of visitors from organic search results.

With a declaration like that I am already feeling the onset of a bad case of the heebie-jeebies from crawling spiders!

Google And Unnatural Activity

Here is what will happen if the network of blogs you are participating in is flagged and deindexed by Google because of “unnatural” activity.

The network blogs and all articles will be deindexed by Google. This means those specific sites / blogs will be excluded from only Google’s search results.

Like search engine is constantly on the lookout for websites that in their view are showing signs of unnatural activity, mostly having to do with automatic article submission, user registrations and profiles, bookmarks, social participation, and comments.

If you quickly get too many backlinks, the big “G” search engine will probably detect it.

The G search engine will likely “sandbox” your site for unnatural behavior when it detects you might be using automated article submission.

Other activities also fall under this term and related policies; such as, link farming, inappropriate redirection of links, pushing malware and other frowned upon and potentially harmful activities.

Many big article directories install a script that can detect automatic submission; however, these auto blogging and link building network services do not rely on famous article directories, but instead use blogs either owned by the network service itself, blogs owned by participating members or a combination of both.

If you submit articles to famous article directories through automatic article submission software, you will almost certainly catch the attention of the editor.

As a result, your articles might possibly be deleted from the database.

At minimum your article(s) will likely be rejected.

The editor might also ban your account.

Accounts that are created through automation are also likely to get banned, they may also get flagged with articles under that account becoming deindexed by Google.

If you repeatedly use automatic directory submissions, your IP address could also get banned.

Webmasters who are serious about ranking their websites must very carefully consider the ramifications of automated article submission and risks associated with participating in auto-blogging guest post networks.

If you use automatic submission software, your reputation as a professional blogger may drop (not so important to the vast majority of bloggers these days) and your site’s rankings in Google may eventually drop.

The ranking of your site(s) may drop so significantly that your customers and/or potential visitors will not be able to find you in Google’s search results.

Manual article submission is manually submitting to each blog or article directory.

Manual article submissions often involves finding suitable websites, negotiating permissions and expectations with the webmaster.

It does not usually involve the use of semi automatic software or fully automated software.

Google’s threat to deindex our site is the biggest reason for most of us in using the massive time consuming process of manual article submission.

Today most of us do this or walk the line trying to ensure that our articles will be and remain indexed by the Google search engine.

If you use manual article submission, the link in your articles are likely to remain indexed by the “big G” search engine for a longer period of time.

The big G search engine loves manual article submissions because you are performing the tedious link building process without the help of automated software.

But what big G values even more are backlinks created by others. That is the original foundation and premise by which Google built their search engine.

Why Is Google So Concerned About Natural Backlinks?

Well here is the the topper of all answers. One of the most important factors the big G search engine uses to determine a website’s authority, it’s overall ranking and relevance to particular keywords, phrases, and a topic when a user executes a search is fundamentally tied to how many backlinks a site has and their click through popularity.

Backlinks are so intertwined and such an integral part of Google’s complex core ability to grade and rank web pages, to determine authority on a particular topic, to evaluate public trust, ascertain popularity and consequently return meaningful offerings in big G’s unpaid organic search results that anything other than hard to get links dramatically undermines the search engine’s ability to separate the fat from the milk; thereby rendering big G’s search results meaningless.

This core functionality is primarily responsible and is what enabled Google to become what it is today.

At the core of big G’s backlink double standard is that big G has not found or invented a more reliable way to judge website pages.

Auto blogging content and the backlinks they contain are having a more profound impact on Google’s core ability to return relevant results than big G wants to admit.

Automated blogging threatens big G’s success to the very core. Should the day come when the majority of bloggers ignore big G’s threat, and I personally think it just might, especially if Bing or someone else discovers a better way to judge the relevance of web pages.

Google just may find itself playing a back-and-forth game for market share with Bing or someone else in the not-so-distant future.

A growing trend in auto blogging networks is to enable you to choose a somewhat broad based topic category for posting of each article.

The natural progression of this as a network grows to sufficient size will be to offer more specific category choices and then the ability to select niche blogs that specifically or closely target your topic.

Manual Article Submission

When you take on the tedious chore of manual article submission it will allow you to more precisely target sites and the category for your guest post.

I only know of one blog network that allows you to select the specific site and category your article is posted to, their automation is minimal but the their network of blogs is comprised of generally higher quality sites that are mostly being managed by private owners / webmasters.

There probably are a few other networks out there somewhat similar to the one I described here.

Up till now I have not said much about manual or “natural activity” links and guest blogging as defined by Google.

Well, there just simply is not a whole bunch to say in favor of doing things manually as related to submitting and posting your marketing articles the old fashioned way today.

The world around us today is all about technology and automation, it will be even more so in the future. Sure, manual submissions still have their advantages.

Those advantages mostly revolve around a blogger’s reputation, attempting to more closely control highly unique and exclusive content, being able to more precisely target your product niche with guest posts and article marketing, and lastly… playing it safe with appeasement
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