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Best Intex Above Ground Swimming Pools

After Share Key Points Behind Choosing Efficient Guards From Esteemed Security Companies And anhoter info like Contemporary Electric Fire Options for your Home,Black Granite Victorian fireplace Then now i back again with Best Intex Above Ground Swimming Pools. There are many makers of above ground pools, however there is a reason that Intex pools are the best selling above ground swimming pools in the World.

Firstly is the quality of the products that they offer, secondly is the wide variety of above ground pool kits that they offer, and thirdly as they are the biggest supplier of above ground pools in the World, they offer above ground kits at highly competitive prices.

They offer kits in several World class leading designs from simple and cheap round easy set pools which are available in sizes from 10ft to 18ft in diameter, through to large oval easy set pools which can be as long as 28ft and as deep as 4ft. This means that you can get the benefit of a full size pool, and yet only pay a fraction of the price.

Best Intex Above Ground Swimming Pools

As a more robust alternative to an easy set pool you could look an Intex frame set pool, which as its name suggests has a metal frame that the pool liner hangs from. 

These are more robust than an easy set pool, and are a step closer to feeling like a proper swimming pool that you can exercise in. They are also available in up to 32ft in length, which makes them equally comparable to an in ground swimming pool in terms of their size.

At the high end of Intex swimming pools are the ultra metal frame pools, which are built up of steel panels to make the most robust above ground swimming pools on the market today. Yet they are easy to assemble between two people, with the majority of the steel panels clipping together to form an incredibly robust structure.

The ultra metal frame above ground pools offer an in ground swimming pool experience at a fraction of the cost. Yet if you move house then you can simply empty all of the water out, disassemble the swimming pool and take it with you.

All of the Intex pool kits come with full instructions as well as a DVD showing how to assemble the kit that you have bought.

Some of the best selling Intex kits are their metal frame pool packages, which are ideally suited to holding family parties where a lot of splashing around will be done. They are easy to put up and indeed you could be starting to fill it up within an hour of taking the kit out of the box.

Chris Miles is the Director at Splash and Relax, the leading supplier of swimming pools products in the UK. Splash and Relax specialise in Above Ground Swimming Pools from major brands world wide.
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