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Learning the Best Ways to Use Self Tanning Lotion

Learning the Best Ways to Use Self Tanning Lotion
Planning to achieve that perfect summer tan skin? Well if that’s what you wish for, baking yourself under the sun may give you the most gorgeous skin but that can dreadfully put your health at risk. Too much exposure under the sun can cause heat stroke, skin cancer and instead of tan skin you can acquire 1st degree burn, etc. So its way better if you will settle for tanning products or the self-tanning oils and sprays.

There are way better than burning your skin under the sun or visiting a tanning salon. But achieving that perfect bronze look is what you aim for can be done only if you use tanning products properly. Do you know how can you apply these tanning products in the right manner? Perhaps you are new and clueless about how can this be done; well the following are some helpful tips that will guide you through the process.

Remove and clean out the dead skin

Before you get yourself a tan, it’s vital for you to shed off all the dead skin that you have. Dead skin should be removed for the tanning products to be easily assimilated and will provide your skin a uniform tan. As you scrub you dead skin away, focus more on those dry areas like the knees and elbows. You can make use of high quality scrub with this.

But remember that you need to exfoliate few days before tanning. Your skin will irritate slightly as it exfoliates. Thus, you must provide ample time for your skin to relax and after which, you can apply the tanning lotion.
You can also try a top quality exfoliating cream with this. It naturally and gently washed off dead skin cells. So it leaves your skin prepared to undergo tanning using self-tanning lotions and other effective products.

Keep Your Skin Moisturize

There are some parts of your body that are rough and dry. Such are the elbows, knees and ankles. As the tanner is applied, it will absorb large amounts if is applied too quickly leading to the development of spots over the body. So you must make an even skin texture for this to be prevented. This is when you will be in need of a moisturizer. Apply the moisturizer to your body for at least two days prior to applying the tanning lotion or product. This length of time is enough to come up with a uniform skin texture. Moreover, applying the moisturizer every after bathing is way preferred. But keep in mind to only settle with a high quality of moisturizer.

Keep it Dry

It’s what most people do. They usually put their clothes off a few minutes after they have done the applying the tanning product. This should be avoided. Instead, you have to wait for at least 15 minutes for the tanner to be completely dried and absorbed by the skin. If you won’t practice this, your clothes will likely stained and you will get an uneven tan. It’s also required for you to stand still while the tanner dries.

Patience is a Virtue

Tanning products take some time to completely dry or be absorbed by your skin. If you want to end up having that beautiful bronze hue in your skin, be patient. Don’t rush things. Be steady and slow while you are applying the tanning product in your body. Of course, you can’t do the tanning by yourself, you need someone to apply the tanning lotion to those areas that are not within your reach such as your back.

Self tanning products are the easiest yet effective means to get beautifully tanned skin without spending much. As technology advances, these products become very effective. You don’t have to experience a zebra-like skin after you have your tan under the sun or from incompetent tanning salon.

Why settle for others if you know you can do it yourself? You can now enjoy that sun-kissed skin look at a fraction of a cost and very safe. You can save not only money but your effort and time as you can do the tanning process in the comfort of your home.

But as what is mentioned a while ago, you should pick carefully the right tanning product or lotion for your skin. Fake tanning products keep coming out and these are usually sold in affordable prices but it can cause danger to your skin. The chemical of these fake tanning lotions usually contains lead or other harmful chemicals. So better be vigilant and do ample amount of research before choosing a product.

As you are in search for the best and trusted tanning product, there are so many things that you can actually do. 

The web can be your first resort, but you can’t completely rely on the internet since scams are rampant there too.

You can browse and read some credible reviews if certain tanning lotion or product is effective. Since these reviews are made by those who experienced the process, consider the information you will learn out from reading such reviews a guide for you to make the right choice.

Asking your friends or relatives can also help you make your decision. They surely can suggest on which tanner is the best for you. Asking the dermatologist to help with this is one of the safest ways to spot the best tanner. They are skin doctors, they can provide the best advice.

Now that you have learned the right way of applying tanning lotion and how you can find the best one, you will not be confused anymore.

Yet, you can get started applying the self tanning product or lotion on your skin. With these guides, you will be well guided about the procedure, so there’s nothing to worry about. Here, you can get a beautiful looking sunless tan with no risk to your health.
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