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A Great Way to Build Links – Guest Blogging

Over the years there has been an abundance of strategies and techniques to link building, from link farms to comment spam and hidden text, most of us have seen it all. Search engines, especially Google have become far pickier on how they value links.

The old days of the more the better have long gone. Whilst the more links you have the higher you rank is still technically true, it does not ultimately mean that you will rank higher just because you do have the most.
A Great Way to Build Links

Website owners and SEO professionals have to be far more selective and creative in their approach to link building. 

Google has made it clear throughout all updates over the past 3 years that quality is far more important than quantity.

When we talk about quality of links, what we really mean is how authoritative and relevant is the site linking to our site. If a site links to thousands of other websites of any quality and it’s easy to gain a link from the site, then chances are you are building low quality links.

If however you have to contact website and blog owners, build trust and offer something in return for a link such as a quality blog post or a link back in exchange then the chances are that you’re doing quality link building.

As easy way to assess how good a link is by how hard it was to gain that link. These types of websites won’t just link to anybody and they usually only link to other websites with a half decent reputation. Once you focus your efforts on quality link building, you will soon find an increase in search rankings.

Through my experience guest blogging is probably the most strategic and achievable way to gain links, but why would someone want your guest posts? 

The answer is simple.

There is an exchange.

The website or blog owner is receiving a quality article, relevant to it’s audience which could generate a lead through their website and it also keeps that site fresh with new content.

On the other hand, us as marketers are firstly gaining a link from a quality website, but we are also gaining a link from a page that is highly relevant.

For instance, if you sell website design packages and you gain a link from another site that is all about web design, then Google is seeing that as a vote of confidence.

The more confident Google is about your site, the higher your website will rank.

I hope that you enjoyed this article and remember that all quality links will require an exchange. The links won’t be easy to gain, as you would find from posting blog comments, so this will take time. But the effort is worth it!
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