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Buying Your First Car, Decisions Check List

Car is considered to be a greatest asset for anyone and every individual will possess a dream of purchasing it once they are settled. There is however several things one should keep in mind before buying car if it is the first time.
Buying Your First Car, Decisions Check List

Before buying a car

  1. When the car is brought for the first time, the purpose of buying must be known. The purpose may be for presenting someone, for regular trips or for rare trips.
  2. Once the purpose is identified, the next thing to be known is the budget. This includes car’s price, registration, titling, insurance and coverage.
  3. Next, if the car comes under the budget, check if it is suiting all the required needs. The number of passengers, mileage and needs can be anything. After these are checked, the list of cars that satisfy the condition can be listed out.
  4. The major thing is whether to buy a car that is already used or new. If a new one is to be purchased, then some research is required to get a car at an affordable price. In case of getting an already used car, the checklist has to be used and only if that car satisfies every condition as mentioned in the checklist, then it can be brought or else it has to be rejected immediately.

During search

While trying to buy the first car, several dealerships can be visited. A licensed dealer is generally preferable and comfortable too. It provides more assurance than the other regular dealers. A classified can also be used to identify the required car. Dealers generally use the classifieds for the purpose of advertising their cars that are available for sale.

If the choice is a used car, then the report containing the vehicle history must be found to know if the vehicle has ever met an accident or salvaged or has undergone any changes in its odometer. It is always better to have a person who knows about buying a car and selling a car of course, along to assist and choose the best one. A mechanic can also accompany so that they can check the condition of the parts individually and know the condition of the car and whether it is worth buying or not. The agency that deals with the transactions related to the vehicle can be contacted while buying a used car.


If one has any decision in owning a new car, it is necessary to make up the mind for safe driving. And the other things such as insurance, road tax, repairs and maintenance, services, MOT and petrol are the running costs for the car. So, one should check if he or she can satisfy all these costs with respect to their budget. There are some other options while purchasing a car and these points must be kept in mind:

  1. Dealers may be independent or franchised. The former offers potential cars at lower prices and the latter gives used cars with better quality at higher prices. The protection provided is always legal and this can be considered as the best option while choosing to buy a car. The next choice can be to purchase one privately. Large number of cars (either second handed or third handed) is available at lower prices too.
  2. The service history must be gone through and negotiations have to be made accordingly.
  3. Test driving can be done to check the condition.
  4. If the crumble zones, traction control, air bags, anti lock brakes and active head restraints are in good condition, then it means the car is in well maintained, good and working condition. Even if one of them fails, then the car is in poor condition and must not be purchased.
  5. An insurance quote must be received before purchasing one in order to calculate the budget.

Checklist for purchasing a new car

  1. Firstly, calculate the budget and try sticking to it. Consider the costs for fuel, insurance and also maintenance.
  2. Rebates on the car need to be checked.
  3. It is advisable to get quotes from different dealers.
  4. Tests drive the car that is to be brought.
  5. Do research and make use of Internet for knowing the prices.
  6. Conduct inspections on the car and try to identify any scratches or stains in it.
  7. One has to know how to negotiate. This is the important step in order to avoid wastage of money.

Checklist for purchasing a used car

  1. The basic things that determine the quality and condition of the car are:
  2. Number of owners
  3. Car fax report
  4. VIN, make and model of the car
  5. Mileage of the car
  6. Exterior and interior of the car that includes individual parts of it
  7. Title, transmission, power and service records have to be checked and important in the checklist
  8. An inspection must be conducted on the engine, knobs, window locks, seat belts and other parts like clutch, brake and gear.
  9. Finally, the price must be negotiated if needed

If the above are considered while buying a car, it would be helpful in buying the best one at an ease. Also, the service time must be known and regular maintenance is necessary in order to maintain the condition of the car. The insurance must also be purchased for the safety purposes.

If the car is brought by applying loans, then the budget must be taken into consideration at every moment and one has to be in the safer side always. Since the loans must be paid every month, one has to check if he or she is able to pay for it and maintain the car as well. The manual that is available while purchasing a car must be completely gone through before starting to drive as it contains all the necessary instructions that one has to follow for safe and easier driving. Thus, it is as simple to buy the first car with the checklist detailed above in hand.
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