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How to Determine the Best Niche for Guest Posting

Guest posting is one of the best ways to promote your own blog or website. When you guest post, you have a chance to put your name in front of lots of new readers. You can also get backlinks that can help your site rank better.

In order to get the most out of guest posting, however, you must choose the right blogs. There are a few characteristics you should look for before contacting a blog owner with a request to guest blog.
How to Search for Relevant Blogs

You will get the most benefit out of guest blogging if you choose blogs that are in the same general niche as yours, or at least a related one.

How to Determine the Best Niche for Guest Posting

This is especially true now, as Google and other search engines are looking for quality content that is relevant to users. If your blog is about weight loss and you are posting an article on a site about classic cars, there is obviously not much relevance there, and it could actually hurt both the site owner and the guest poster in the rankings.

You can search Google Blogs to find blogs on relevant topics. 

Think of keywords that you use to promote your own site, and use them to search for blogs. You don’t necessarily have to find blogs that are targeting precisely the same topics as you.

Returning to the example of weight loss, a blog about fitness or health in general would be suitable. You could also think of different health conditions where weight loss is important, such as diabetes or heart disease. In this case, blogs on these topics could be considered relevant.

A great way to search is to filter your results with quotation marks. By searching, “guest posting”, “contribute” or other phrases in quotes, you are specifying to Google that you would only like results with those phrases in the URL string.

Other Qualities to look for in Blogs

Aside from being in the right niche, there are other important qualities that blogs should have before you consider them for guest posting.

High traffic.

It doesn’t have to be one of the top sites in the world, but you will get more from posting to a popular blog than one that hardly gets any visitors. If you aren’t sure about how much traffic a blog gets, you could install the Alexa tool bar to give you this information. Another clue is where the blog comes up in search results. You might not even want to search beyond three pages or so, as sites that are ranked lower than that are probably not getting much traffic.

Updated regularly.

This usually goes hand-in-hand with popularity, but not always. Sometimes a blog owner will stop posting consistently to a blog for one reason or another. That’s why you should look at the dates of the most recent posts, as well as the time period between posts. You want to guest post to blogs that are currently active.

Quality content.

This is another important consideration. If the content looks like it’s been spun or plagiarized from other sites, you are better off staying away from the blog. If you’re not sure, you can run one of the articles through a tool such as Copyscape to see if the content is original. Of course, if the site appears high quality, it could be the other site that is doing the plagiarizing.

Guest Posting is a great way to get targeted traffic.

If you choose the right blogs on which to guest post, you can get lots of well-targeted traffic this way. You may also find blogs that are willing to publish your content consistently. That way you can develop mutually beneficial relationships with other blog owners.

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