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Poker Tips: Factors determining your online poker bankroll

Poker Tips: Factors determining your online poker bankroll
Going broke because of poker is not an option. It should never happen. You need to manage your bankroll properly and have enough depth so you can weather the poker bad beats. This applies to all poker scenarios but is more true when it comes to online poker.

So how do you determine what you need for your bankroll when you play internet poker? It really depends. When playing online you need to consider different factors like the kind of poker you are playing, your skill level and the skill level of your opponents, and the speed of the game, among others. In any case, you need to have a reserve of about 6 months of expenses as backup to play it safe in case you have a long streak of bad beat.

Remember that the edge factor in online poker is a bit different since you cannot see your opponents. 

Reading them is a lot more difficult when you cannot see their faces, how they handle their chips, and so gauging them is more challenging. The statistics in terms of fluctuation of edge will require a bigger bankroll.

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The speed of game, or the number of hands played in a given time, is also an essential factor. Over the internet, you can play more games at once or play at different levels of risks in a given time. You will be risking more money when you play more games but remember that each hand is different from the other so the fluctuation of edge is still the same.

Online poker is also a field of shorthanded games. You will be facing eight other players usually instead of 9 other players. There will also be a lot of heads up games. In shorthanded games, there will be more hands to play and more aggressive scenarios which in turn will result to more fluctuations. You will be swinging wildly so you need a bankroll which can handle that.
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