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3 Romantic Holiday Destinations on the American Continent

When planning a romantic holiday, people usually think of exotic places -Paris, Rome, Hawaii, Bahamas, etc. While these are all places obviously very romantic to escape everyone can afford to go to these places. But having a budget for your vacation does not mean you have to sacrifice on the novel of your trip. There are many places that you can visit in the Americas, offering a romantic getaway for couples. Here are 3 of them to be taken into account.
3 Romantic Holiday Destinations on the American Continent

Cape Cod

Cape Cod is full of beauty and history. This picturesque coastal town is a perfect place for couples who want to enjoy a bit ‘of time at the beach, and there are many romantic inns and bed-and-breakfast in the area, many of which cater specifically to couples. You can book a room in a beautiful historic home that is both quiet and romantic. Cape Cod accommodation is designed to help you relax and enjoy your time together.

When not relaxing at your historic inn, there are many romantic places you can explore together in the region. bike rides along the beach are a popular pastime for visitors and residents. You can also rent a boat and go for a romantic trip with a sailing boat, or join a larger group of whale watching. You can also visit the many beautiful lighthouses in the area, or take a trip to Martha’s Vineyard, located nearby. There you can enjoy wine tasting or take a picnic for the afternoon.

If one of you is a history buff, there is a story to be found in Cape Cod. You can explore the landing site Mayflower, or visit some of the many local museums. Whatever your interests, you and you are significant other can have a wonderful romantic holiday together here.


This city is located near the California Anaheim and San Diego, but it is much quieter these popular tourist destinations. You can rent an apartment on the beach and let the waves lull you to sleep. The area has many romantic restaurants, where you can find a corner booth to enjoy a meal together.

You can walk to the end of the pier and watch the sunset over the sea, explore the local flea market, or just relax on the beach together. With attractions such as Disneyland, Sea World and the San Diego Zoo nearby, you can go out and see the sites, if desired. Alternatively, you can stay in your condo and enjoy the other company.

Key West

This city of Florida is known for its relaxed, carefree atmosphere. If you are looking for a relaxed romantic getaway, then this is the place to go. Although it can get crowded here during peak hours, the spring is pretty quiet and offers couples a bit ‘more privacy in which to explore the city.

There are many places to see in Key West, the most notable is the Ernest Hemingway home. If you or you are significant other is a lover of literature, then you will definitely want to see where the famous author wrote works such as For Whom the Bell Tolls. But in general, Key West is the kind of place to take a path through the window. Adopting the carefree attitude of the local population and let only the warm coastal winds you take where they can.

Be sure to plan your romantic vacation in advance and book your holiday in Key West, Oceanside, Cape Cod or well before you plan to go so you can be sure to get the hotel or romantic hotel was hoped.
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