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The Farmer and his Goats

In a farm somewhere in North America, Rudolph, not his real name, finally decided to take the scientific approach in managing his farm.

He decided to experiment first with his herd of goats. Not that there was something wrong with his herd but out of the appeal of increased profits as hyped by the advertisements of the multi-billion industries that sells products in increasing farm production.

Rudolph has always been a traditional farmer like his late father who gave him the farm. His father always taught him that only natural food and natural methods of farming are appropriate for that is how nature and God created all things to be.
The Farmer and his Goats

His father said, “If you plant a crop on a soil that is not naturally compatible with, the crop may grow differently, or it may grow unhealthy, or it may not grow at all.” He has stuck with his father’s teachings for decades and the natural method did give him a slow and steady sustainable growth in his farm. 

Recently though his neighbour, farmer Ben who lives several kilometres away introduced to him several new techniques in farming including new ways to breed goats. 

He was hesitant at first but when Ben showed him his farm, he was astounded by its production. Ben sells a variety of agricultural chemicals, feeds, etc. that were told to intensify farm produce.

Rudolph’s goats were like any other goats you have seen.

The males or bucks have horns bigger than their female counterparts, taller and smelly. The kids or small goats like to play around and do head butts.

After introducing the products Ben sold him, he did notice that his Does now give birth to quadruplets instead of the usual twins.

The kids grow twice as fast and are taller and look healthier. He was delighted.

After only ten years, Rudolph’s farm became one of the biggest food suppliers of North America. His farm has grown three times its original size and he now employs a few people who monitor the machines that actually took care of the farm works.

He was now more concerned with varying his portfolio. He got tired one day and stood up from his table, walked out of his mansion and decided to visit his farm and take a breather. 

He asked one of his trusted people, to take him to his goat farm where all his luck begun.

As his car stopped by the fence of the farm, Rudolph reminisced the days where he used to tend to his goats and watched them play and fight for dominance.

He remembered how playful the kids were, the strong scent of the bucks and the grass littered with goat poop. And then it struck him, he can’t smell the familiar goat scent he used to smell in the farm.

He observed more and noticed that the kids aren’t as playful as they used to be. In fact the goat farm was spick and span and the goats were behaving as if they were tamed.

He walked closely to one buck that stood almost as tall as a cow and instead of threatening him, this buck paraded in front of him like doing a fashion show to show off his shiny fur and magnificent horns. “What happened to the goats?” he asked himself.

At the back of his head, somehow he knew the answer but he would rather not. He remembered what his father always said about natural and after he introduced a lot of chemicals and other hormone disrupting nutrients to his farm, he knew it have changed the goats. 

It did multiply his production a hundred fold but to a cost he would rather ignore than solve.

Rudolph’s goat farm is a reflection of our society. The more and more governments and people choose to ignore global warming with their attitudes, the harder it will become to reverse the effects of extreme weather events. Save the planet for us and future generations.
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