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The Projecting Shield Anchor Bolt,A Standard Threaded Bolt

Almost 90 years ago John Rawlings an eminent British Engineer invented the Rawlplug. There was a problem in the British Museum when there was a requirement for electrical fittings to be fitted to the wall without chiselling holes. John Rawlings who was a building contractor developed a fibre fitting that pushed into a hole that a screw could be put into which expanded the fibre onto the holes sides when tightened, and the Rawlplug was developed.

This expanded over the years and in the 1930’s the Rawlplug company progressed the Rawlplug into the Rawlbolt, and the patented bolt has become the standard for the construction industry and the bolt has become a standard name in much the same way as Singer became the word for sewing machine,s and Hoover for washing machines. This fixture, now called the projecting shield anchor bolt became a major fixing in the 1930’s when concrete was first becoming used in major quantities. The design was originally fibre then plastic, and finally alloy and steel outer casing.

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The Projecting Shield Anchor Bol

The anchor bolt is a standard threaded bolt but around the threaded bolt is the equivalent of a threaded tube cut into 2 or 3 vertical sections held loosely in place by 2 wire rings. 

The bolt comes with a diameter of the hole imprinted on it. This hole is drilled into the concrete and the bolt is inserted and the item to be attached is put over the threaded bolt, when the nut is put on top and pulled tight then the bolt pulls up and this is designed to push vertical sections out so that they force themselves tight against the hole sides giving an immensely strong anchor.

This fixing system is used in a myriad of ways to hold structures to floors and walls. 

These fixings require a good strong base to lock into and the bolts are designed with a minimum substrate level thickness. The load can be shared by several bolts to spread the load but any static structure can be fitted easily. Equipment with a static base but moveable parts can also be fitted but the maximum loads must be calculated and the systems tested according to required statutes.

There are various designs each adapted to its set usage. 

The standard bolts can be used for small structures like garage doors, wall plates, machinery and small buildings. The good suppliers of these fixings will have a good range at competitive prices and an expertise to advise the user if demanded.

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