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Tips Buying A Portable Hot Tub

After Share A Deep Insight into Rainwater Tanks in Melbourne now im back with Tips Buying A Portable Hot Tub

Tips Buying A Portable Hot TubWell you may have decided that you want to go out and buy a nice new hot tub, and to an extent even the very large ten-seater models are portable.

However most of them will need some form of mechanical aid, be it a pallet truck, forklift truck or even a crane for a large hot spa, to move them around.

Indeed if you put a tub in somewhere then you a can move it out again. But the cost of using a crane to put a hot tub in place can be over a thousand pounds, and so if you want to move it out again if you move house, then expect to pay around the same again.

In addition you may find that logistically you cannot even use a crane to put a hot tub in to place, due to logistics such as power cables or trees being in the way.

Or you may rent a house and move around often, and thus such a cost of moving a hot tub on a regular basis would be prohibitive.

Well fortunately for you, there is an alternative to the traditional Acrylic or cedar wood tubs, and that is portable hot tubs.

These tubs offer the majority of things a normal one offers (But not all, such as underwater lighting), but come with the benefit that they are portable, and can be assembled anywhere, even indoors.

They come in two common forms – inflatable tubs, and panel kit ones.

With the inflatable tubs, you simply unpack them, pump them up until the sidewall is rigid, attach the water heater/pump, and the air pump for the jets, and then fill it with water.

The panel kits come in a box. Simply unpack the panels and the upright supports, and then slide the panels in to the interlocking uprights. You then place a liner inside the assembled tub, attach the water heater/pump, and the air pump, and fill up with water.

These panel kits are known as spa in a box kits, and can look very much like a normal tub once installed. Having rigid sides they are more durable than an inflatable tub. Accordingly if you want to use one all year round but cannot afford a “Normal” acrylic tub, which may cost several thousand, then this type of portable hot tub is probably the one that you should go for. It may cost slightly more than an inflatable one, however it will be more durable and look better in your garden, or on your patio.

In either case once filled with water, they heat up fairly fast, and if you build one in the morning, you could be using it by the evening.

Either of these types of portable hot tubs can be located just about anywhere you want outside or inside.
They also have one other major advantage and that is the cost! They are far cheaper to buy varying from around £800 to around £1,500 for a spa in a box hot tub. So consider a portable hot tub today.
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