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What does the future hold for dial up?

Many people think that dial up internet is useless and many would be right as it seems the world moved on from dial up many years ago. However some parts of the world still use it for example in the places where broadband isn’t available and to them it may be slow but it is the only way that they can connect to the online world. Broadband has been replacing dial-up access in many countries, this can be determined by population, location or sometimes ISP’s lack of interest due to little chance of profitability and high costs to build the infrastructure.
What does the future hold for dial up?

Reports in the US in 2009 noted that reinstated dial up connections had been put in place as a more affordable way of connecting to the internet. AOL added 200,000 dial up customers in 2011 and the average monthly price of dial up internet is $22, compared to $37 for broadband. However since facebook and twitter have developed mobile sites so that if you have a pc or netbook on a dial up connection it is possible to load it in less time than it would usually take.

The affordability is another plus point of dial up internet, it makes this one viable option for social networking in a recessionary economy.

The dial up connection requires no infrastructure other than a telephone network. Where telephone access is hard to come by in some areas of the world but in most parts is widely available, dial up remains useful and often the only choice for rural and remote areas, where broadband installations are not prevalent due to low population density and the high cost of the actual infrastructure.

The only reason for dial up staying successful is because of people that cannot get broadband fitted of that there aren’t very many however there are obviously enough so that they can still make money and carry on supplying the dial up connections on a daily basis. At the moment dial up looks to be steadily doing ok but how long will that last? No one really knows…yet anyway.
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